Mar 05 2015

Infinity Stones

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Where are the Infinity Stones? This is a best guess as of the end of Guardians Of The Galaxy. We already know Stark will at least get his hands on Loki’s scepter in Age of Ultron.

Space StoneThe TesseractIn Odin’s Vault on Asgard
Mind Stonein Loki's ScepterHeld by Baron von Strucker at a HYDRA base on Earth
Reality Stone
The aetherWith The Collector on Knowhere
Power StoneIn the Nova Corp vault on Xandar
Soul Stone Could this be in The Vision's forehead?
Time StoneUnknown


BTW, I hate calling them stones. What was wrong with Infinity Gems?

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Oct 29 2014

Superhero Movies

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That is no longer accurate. Marvel is producing a Spider Man film that will be released July 28, 2017. That pushes a bunch of the Marvel movies out.

The Marvel timeline is below.

May 1, 2015   Avengers: Age of Ultron
July 17, 2015   Ant-Man

Phase Three
May 6, 2016   Captain America: Civil War
November 4, 2016   Doctor Strange
May 5, 2017   Guardians of the Galaxy 2
July 28, 2017   Spider Man
November 3, 2017   Thor: Ragnarok
May 4, 2018   Avengers: Infinity War Pt 1
July 6, 2018   Black Panther
November 2, 2018   Captain Marvel
May 3, 2019   Avengers: Infinity War Pt 2
July 12, 2019   Inhumans

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Oct 16 2014


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Yosemite is available for download today. I’ll be installing it either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Apple – OS X Yosemite – Overview.

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Oct 16 2014

Ez-Squeeze Candy Corn Jello Shots – Tipsy Bartender – YouTube

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I love candy corn. I’ll have to try and make this. Their jello cups are pretty freakin big. I’d be hammered in no time.


Ez-Squeeze Candy Corn Jello Shots – Tipsy Bartender – YouTube.


Oct 16 2014

Zuckerberg’s ebola donation

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The money will go to the CDC Foundation’s Global Disaster Response Fund, “to help expeditiously address needs that are identified by CDC experts on the ground, and that could otherwise go unmet,”

via Mark Zuckerberg $25 Million Ebola Donation – Business Insider.



Oct 15 2014

Perfect porkchop

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This is my favorite new saying.

Oct 14 2014

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!